Bioengenharia e Engenharia de Controle e Automação

Hardware/Software Applications

  • Circuits and system design for medical and industrial application “System on chip”.
  • Microcontroller, DSP, FPGA
  • Programmable hardware
  • Digital, analog, “mixed-signal” and radiofrequency “System on Chip”
  • Mecatronics systems
  • Smart vision solutions
  • Intelligent systems
  • Computer vision
  • Software programmability and  real-time processing
  • Optimization, estimation and prediction methods
  • Neural network 
  • Inteligencia artifcial e aprendizagem


Industrial solution
Measurement & instrumentation
Wireless connectivity
Medical solutions
Medical devices

Consulting services and solutions for industrial and bioengineering applications

  • Designs and develops new products or improve research performance for academic and industrial solutions
  • Develop customized Software for signal and image processing, automated experiment analyses, statistical analyses and automated reports
  • Metrological reliability in the health